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Terms and Conditions for

All terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Please check with the website owner or hosting administrators if you have any questions about these terms. Please read the terms all the way to the end. I don’t want to make these terms boring or full of Legalese, so please pay attention as these rules are simple and straightforward. All contact with host and administrators must be with a legitimate email address that you are using to email whoever. No disposables will be read or accepted. Spammers and companies wishing to contact and any subsidiaries with solicitations will not get any responses. For any comments on Facebook or the blog site or Twitter, all contact is subject to Facebook and Twitter’s respective terms of service and community guidelines. Please read these guidelines. For the blog specifically, there is to be no use of above solicitations or disposable emails or brazen comments with any offensive or racial terms as defined by the community guidelines of Wordpress. Hate speech is not allowed for all contact requests and connections on all respective sites. If you’d like to make a comment regarding the website, please submit feedback by email, Facebook, or Twitter. I will be happy to respond to legitimate feedback when appropriate to any situation. Exceptions: The only solicitations that are acceptable on and any subsidiaries are radio inquiries, wedding registries and vendors, and anyone that I personally do business with or will be doing business with at the moment. National Do not Call Registry: A note to telemarketers who collect my phone number on Facebook or any other connect site on this page or any other subsidiary site, both my phone numbers are registered with, and as such you are required to comply. If you are a telemarketer calling to sell me a product, you will be reported. Please note, this is a site powered by the Sunlight Realms, and as such will be monitored when appropriate by the hosting administrator should things go wrong. If you are a foreign company requesting access, please kindly step aside and do not ask for access to my site. This site is for my friends and supportive family members who wish to connect and collect information on me. Professionals are welcome to visit, but please do not sell me irrelevant services or products even if you’re tempted to. Thank you for visiting and have a great day.